Friday, May 16, 2008

What night is it?

I have to use a real name, 'cause otherwise it won't make sense. Wendy is the person in charge at the group home, the one from whom we have to get permission in order to have Gary with us.

Me to Roland, "Did you talk to Wendy about Thursday night?"

Roland, "Thursday! Thursday??! No. I didn't ask anything about Thursday. They are coming to pick him up on Sunday."

Me: "I know. I mean Andrew's graduation dinner. Did you ask Wendy if Gary could have dinner with us on Thursday?"

Roland: "We are having dinner on Thursday?"

Me: "Yes."

Roland:"I thought we were doing that on Friday."

Me: "We were, but Evan only has Wednesday and Thursday off. David is leaving for somewhere or other on Friday, and Carl will be coming in then. It is the only night I can get everyone together. It's the big night."

Roland: "TONIGHT? What's happening tonight? I thought we were just staying home tonight."

Me: "I'm not talking about tonight. I'm talking about THURSDAY night. That is when we are having the big dinner out that I have been planning and saving for for months."

Roland: "Oh. This Thursday?"

Me: "Yes. This Thursday. Andrew gets out of school early. He and I will go pick up Carl. On the way back I want to get Gary and then we will all go out to eat and have a wonderful time."

Roland appears to have figured it out.

Me to Gary: "Do you think Wendy will let us have you?"

Andrew: "Mom! Don't get him confused too. The dinner isn't on Wednesday. It's on Thursday."

I groan. Gary laughs.


  1. Wendy? Andrew is inviting Wendy to dinner?!?!

  2. I think I went husband shopping at the same store you did except in my case mine would probably say the following come Thursday:

    The big dinner is!LOL

  3. If the big dinner is Thursday, when is graduation? This year is really getting away from me in a hurry!


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