Saturday, May 03, 2008

Of course he might not want us

I told the social worker both that she should tell G that we had three boys who stayed with us until they emancipated and who still come back regularly, and that we had one boy who was here only briefly. I wanted G to know that none of us wanted to go through that experience again and so we would be cautious. I wanted him to know that so he wouldn't think it was about him.

I also told her that she could/should tell him that our older boys were all gay and that many of our friends would assume he was too. We would let people know, of course, but he should be prepared to deal with the experience of coming out as a straight kid. She laughed a little and said she would prepare him.

And it wasn't until much later that I remembered that it might be an issue for him.

I wonder if they already made sure that he was cool before calling us? I know they wouldn't have told him much about us specifically until they knew we were interested, but I do wonder if they checked to see if it would freak him out to live in such a liberal family.

I'm rather surprised at myself for not thinking about it earlier. I was assuming that the only question on the table was whether we were willing to take a straight kid, not whether the boy cared about living with us.

I forgot that we were queer, so to speak.

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