Saturday, May 03, 2008

Well, THAT makes it easier.. maybe

I called Evan to talk to him about "G" and sleeping arrangements. You know, did he want to work on the beds before Roland was out of school, or did he want to just sleep on a mattress on the floor for a while?

Evan told me that he and some co-workers had filled out a rental application for a house not too far from work.

He just called and said that they didn't get the house, but they are still looking for a place. At least two, perhaps three, of the co-workers have to find a new place to live by June 1. They know that Evan would like to be a roommate with them, but they can't guarantee that they will find someplace big enough.

Evan does need to move out of the dorms on the 12th, and will be here until he is not. So we are not going to order the beds. I doubt we will order them at all. I had been anticipating that Evan would continue to come home for holidays and summers for a couple of years. If that is not the case, if he is going to be moving into his own apartment soon anyway, it really doesn't make sense to invest in changing the room like that.

He is talking about continuing to work full time and go to school part time. He has not turned in his application for funding from the agency yet because he can't figure out how to do it for part time. So it is not even certain that he will be back in school in the fall.

We shall see.

This really is one problem that I don't feel the need to obsess about. I hope he doesn't quit because it will be very hard to get started again, but he will do whatever he does.

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