Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Verbal Reports

Email from social worker:

I just had a phone conversation with [staff person at group home]. She is going to pull together their file for you with their assessment tools that they use....

She does think that he struggles with insomia and she will address this with the staff to find out how he is currently doing with this. She will find out his medication history and get that to me. She described him in relationship to her as; very humble and easy to connect with. She considers him to be “smarter than her” yet he never treats her like he knows more or is more. She reports that he has connected very well to the staff.

As for his relationships with the other residents, she reports that he is very mellow and does not attend to or perpetuate the “drama”. Again, he is far above many of the other young men in maturity and intelligence and he goes get annoyed with them, but is kind. She further reports that there are gay young men in the program and "G" is very kind to them. That is what I have for now. I will see you this afternoon and we will go from there. Thanks a million!

We had told the social worker to bring up "the gay thing" with him. We said that if he is going to freak out he might as well do it now and get over it -- or meet a new family.


  1. OMG, not insomnia! How could they have been so incompetent as to leave that out from the very first conversation. I'm aghast!

    Seriously, I think I could forgive him for being straight, if I were you.

  2. Sure sounds like he's going to fit in wonderfully....

  3. It does sound like a good match for your family. I'm excited for you!


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