Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vist Going Well

Let's see...

Picking him up when fine, although we had some trouble finding the place. The other boys at the group home seemed genuinely happy for Gary.

Next on the schedule was going by the university to get Evan's things. It was probably a good experience for Gary. He got to see me get irritable with Evan twice: once when he gave me impossible directions on the phone and later when he was talking about when he was coming home. He apparently thought he had successfully communicated to me that he wanted to move back this weekend and I thought he was coming on Tuesday. I finally interrupted him and said, "Honey, you are welcome to come. It's your home too. Just tell me when you are coming!" He responded with, "Is it okay? I mean I could come later..." Ugg. (Evan is planning, I think, on coming by after he gets off work in the middle of the night -- unless he changes his mind.)

But the point it is that Gary got to see that I can get irritable pretty quickly, but that it also blows over right away.

We all went out to lunch after and Evan talked about when he thought he would be able to move into this own place. And that was good for Gary to see too. We really do expect these relationships to last.

So far Brian has been completely monopolizing Gary. They do enjoy a lot of the same things, and Gary seems to be having a good time too, but I finally went down stairs and told them that it was great that they were having a good time together and that it was fine with me if that is what they both wanted to do. Then I warned Brian, in front of Gary, that if Gary were to move in as seems likely he was not going to be moving in as a playmate. Gary would have his own friends and his own interests and wouldn't always want to hang with him. Brian insisted that he knew that, but I am not sure that he really does.

I told Gary that we did not expect him to keep Brian entertained. It was okay to tell Brian no. He nodded. I went on to tell him that I really didn't want him to think that he had to do whatever Brian wanted so that we would like him. He smiled and said he understood.

And when I left the room they were still playing on the video games.

So the day is going well.

For everyone except Roland. He set out to mow the lawn for the first time of the season. The lawnmower wouldn't start so he borrowed a friend's. Then Roland broke the gas tank cover and is currently driving to every hardware and home improvement store in the county trying to find a replacement.

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  1. Yay for you!
    Yay for Gary!
    Yay for Brian!
    Boo for poor Roland!
    Yay for whenever Evan does move, or whatever.


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