Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Photo

In my quest to determine if there is a camera phone that will take decent snapshots, there is this. David took these on his LG env and emailed them to me:

This is a photo from my current phone. It is the first time Andrew voted:

It is nice to have the photo, but the quality is terrible. It doesn't look great small and gets really bad if you make it even a little bit bigger.


  1. Um... doesn't this sort of tell us where you live?

  2. I will probably take this down anyway, but can you tell me what the clue is? Is this shoe display somehow unique to one part of the country?

    Or are you assuming that Andrew voted recently? He didn't, by the way. The vote he was casting was for a special school bond. It was some time ago.

    Or is there a location sign somewhere that I am missing?

  3. The crocs pic is soooo much better than the voting pic. I would think that phone camera would make a good subsitute for a real camera, personally.


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