Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ann Story Part 32: Ann's First Monday Visit

I sent emails about this to the social worker and my friend. Here is the summary:

After the first Monday visit I asked Ann about it:

"How did it go, Ann?"
"Fine...except one of the foster girls slapped me."
"Why did she do that?"
"Because she pushed my mom against a wall, so I pushed her that she would stop hitting and fighting. Then she jumped up and slapped me across the face."

Curious, I emailed Mandy and asked her how it went:
She did well; she got along with everyone and did her math. Hopefully she will hand it in tomorrow. She did not work on her science project but I guess one out of two isn't too bad. She helped with dinner and was willing to distance herself when B. had a fit requiring some attention. She got very mad at B. when she pushed me but was able to control herself and just give me a big hug and complain in my ear about B. instead of getting into B.'s face like she normally does. She spent time playing and talking with J. and C., helping John and talking to me. We really enjoyed our evening with her.

So what, I wondered, really happened? Was Mandy minimizing or was Ann exaggerating?

Just before Ann went to bed that night she hugged me and said that she was glad that no one ever slapped anyone else here.

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