Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sharing Our Faults

So I asked Gary over dinner what he thought his biggest faults were. He gave me a funny look and I told him that when I tell people about him and say he doesn't seem to have any at all they think I am naive. Then I volunteered to go first.

"I get grumpy easily. Things annoy me and I sometime I snap at people, but it usually blows over right away. Wouldn't you say that's true Andrew?"

Andrew is staring off into space.



"Wouldn't you say that's true?"

"What's true?"

"Weren't you even listening?"

"No. Do I have to do the dishes tonight?"

"Oh, for Pete's sake! Andrew, help me out here! Would you agree that one of my faults is that I can get irritated easily?"


"Isn't anyone listening to me! Honest to G-d, I'm just trying to have a conversation with Gary about what our character flaws are! Could either of you confirm that one of mine is that I get irritated quickly, but that it tends to blow over quickly???"

They look at me like just maybe I'm insane. Then Brian says to Gary, "It's best just to hide in your room until it's over."


By the way, Gary confesses to procrastination, sometimes forgetting to do things that he is told, and getting really annoyed when people keep reminding him to do something that he said he would do 'cause if he said he was going to do it he'll do it.

Sounds like a fifteen-year-old boy to me.


  1. That definitely does sound like a fifteen-year-old boy to me, AND it sounds a little like me! I think its cool that you share your faults with them and encourage them to share their own faults. It shows that they ARE allowed to have faults because nobody's perfect!

  2. sounds like an ideal teenage boy, if you want to know the truth. At least he recognizes what irks his nerve and can tell you, so that you can avoid it.

    Maybe God wanted to give you an easy placement this time, someone to help your younger son not be so alone with the oldest leaving for college?


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