Friday, May 02, 2008

Didn't I tell you...

...about Andrew's girlfriend?


Well, she is a very nice girl. A junior. Her older sister is one of Roland's aides, which Andrew did not realize until it was too late. On the first day I let him drive himself to school he gave her a ride home after. What he didn't know was that she usually took the bus to the elementary school where Roland works and then goes home with her sister. So she called her sister to tell her Andrew was giving her a ride. Her sister told Roland and Roland told me. By time Andrew got home we knew. It wasn't a big deal, but it did hit him that he probably wouldn't be able to get away with much.

She was the real motivator in getting a driver's license. I drove them once to the movies and, well, it really bites to be 18(ish) and have your mom drive you on a date.

Their relationship is very private. They don't talk on the phone that I can see -- although Andrew has a cell phone so there may be phone calls I don't know about. They do see each other every day at school, and I think they communicate on-line. They seem to only get together about every other weekend.

She is a sweet girl. Even though they have been going out for months they still tend to have awkward goofy smiles when they are together.

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