Monday, May 12, 2008

Ann's Story Part 26: Addressing the Fears

Feb. 24, 2004
Email to friend:

I took Ann to an appointment at the agency. Someone "let the cat out of the bag" and I know at least part of what is going on with Mandy and John’s. Mandy and John’s know of some clinic where they diagnose with a "brain mapping" technique. Dr. N (the agency psychiatrist) told me that at the clinic was "outside the mainstream" and that he did not think there was good science behind it. What it all boils down to is that these people claim to be able to do an EKG (or something) and then prescribe just the right medication to solve all your problems. Mandy and John’s want Ann to be "fixed" so that she can come home.

Of course they are not convincing anyone.

Ruby understands my concerns that Ann could become violent if she feels forced to be here. She and Ann spent some time alone doing pro con lists on Ann's choices. Ruby said that she will email me tomorrow, but whatever came of it, Ann came out cheerful. I think that it gave Ann a greater sense of control of her situation.
We will see. I am feeling safer though. Before I was not certain that Ruby was really "hearing" me, but then I had not been as direct and clear as I was this time.

Email to friend
I had a good talk with Ruby this morning. As things move forward Ruby will keep talking to Ann about her choices. I think that Ann is likely to choose to stay here, but I feel better knowing that she experiences that as partly being her choice. I really want her to know that if she does not want to live with us there are ways to communicate that other than punching one of the boys.

I feel much better after last night's meeting. I was beginning to feel worried. I love Ann and if were not for the boys I would not feel conflicted. My attitude would be "bring it on girl. I can handle whatever you throw at me." It is just that I know that she is capable of doing things that I cannot ask the boys to live with. I have said that to you about a zillion times, haven't I?
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  1. It is a lot to work with troubled teens- I am sad that Ann has been through so much that her response is such that it is. I am excited about the addition of Gary- he sounds like he will fit right in with ya'll. :)

  2. There was an article in Newsweek this spring about this technique! It apparently *is* working, although it's quite expensive. I can't find the article I'm thinking of (they used a different term I believe), but mentions using PET scans and mentions it in terms of use in finding the right spot for a "brain pacemaker." That article is about severe issues, but there's a similar electrode thing available for depression as well.

    The article I'm thinking of was focused on mental health issues and the ability to prescribe person-specific drugs. Oh, wait, found it!

    My husband has drug-resistant clinical depression. We love to try this on him to see if they could figure out the right combo of drugs.


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