Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm a terrible photographer

Andrew's graduation was ... a graduation. Sorry. I go to them every year as part of my job and I am not sentimental. I find myself rolling my eyes a lot.

Still, this was Andrew's graduation, so it was special.

I took pictures.

I have one of him walking in -- but it is out of focus.

I have one of several of the students behind him as they walk out to go down the aisle.

I have of him on the stage, but it is so far away that you can't really see that it is him.

And I have one of this big board they had where each kid's name was up in lights just after it had been called. That one is in perfect focus and shows the name of the girl who graduated right after Andrew. He is sure that her mother will like it very much.

He also pointed out that all the photos I took are "blog-able."

But he is a graduate now.


  1. Congrats to the Grad!

  2. I did think that my poor picture taking was due to my lack of talent until I upgraded my camera to a Canon Powershot. Now, I am pretty good! A good camera helps, I think you need a better one.
    In the perfect world, when I get rich, I will buy myself a Canon Rebel.


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