Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ann's Story 44b: Timeline

12/8/02: I get a call asking me to take Ann on a short-term emergency basis.

1/15/03: Ann is told she will be living with us for a while and gets her boxes.

2/14/03: We meet with the counselor to discuss Ann's threats

2/27/03: A meeting is scheduled to discuss the situation. It is decided that Ann will spend every Monday evening and every other weekend with Mandy and John.

3/3/03: Ann spends her first scheduled Monday with them and gets slapped. Mandy lies about what happened.

Week of: 3/17/03
Monday - after Ann's first weekend away, I write an email in the morning saying that we probably can't do this forever. In the evening I write another to a friend expressing a desire to take it back.

Thursday - There is a meeting in which the fight that Ann got into at Mandy's on a previous visit is discussed. It is decided that Ann may only have 2-hour visits.

Friday - Ann is told.

Saturday & Sunday: We have the worst weekend ever.

Week of 3/20/03
Monday: Roland takes Ann to an appointment at the agency office where Ann yells and screams at him in the director's office. I have a conversation with the supervisor of social workers (Ann's worker is on vacation) telling me that they will be moving Ann soon. It will probably be back to Mandy's since there is no where else for her to go. I anticipate that it will take about a week.

Wednesday: I am told to take her back to Mandy, that day.

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  1. This is why I have so little faith in the system- they make the most insane decisions. ALL THE TIME! This sounds like another one of those crazy decisions.


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