Sunday, May 25, 2008

A possible change for Gary

Gary just called his dad. He wanted to know if his dad was planning on visiting him today at the group home so that he could get back there in time.

His dad told him that he is leaving his step-mother, actually getting a divorce. He will be moving to the town next to here -- the one where Gary's aunt lived. He will be settled by the end of summer and Gary can come back and live with him.

Gary is thrilled, excited, over-the-moon.

There is no reason that I know of why his father would be denied custody under these circumstances.

I am trying to be happy for him. Part of me really is. I could even get to the place where most of me is, as soon as I get over the surprise.

I just don't know what our role would be, or if we will have one. He is not officially placed with the agency. Will they decide not to take him after all? I mean, providing temporary care for kids whose parents are in the process of moving and getting settled is not what they do.

On the other hand, the word from HQ is that they want the local offices to do more reunification care, so maybe they would take him as a reunification case. Gary might be the first one ever, as far as I know.

Wednesday is the big planning meeting with state and agency people. We are invited, as is his father. I'll be there.

We take him back to the group home in a couple of hours. Not to be all melodramatic, but it could be the last time we see him.


  1. oh wow. That is great for him but must be painful for you. I will think good thoughts for you.

  2. Wow! what a crazy event. This is great news for him (hopefully) but so hard for you guys. Good luck!


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