Friday, May 02, 2008

A quilt! Beds!

At one level I am entirely calm. I have a total wait-and-see attitude. This kid might not move in. But underneath all that calm is wild planning...

I'll have to make a quilt! If "G" does move in, I will have to make one.

I've decided to make another log cabin variation. It will not be quilt as you go. Most likely I will just tie it, and I should be able to make it quite quickly. I would get started this weekend so that I would be ready just in case, but I might as well wait so that he can pick out the colors anyway.

I found one I really like. It is made with wide and thin strips and when you sew it together it forms a wavy pattern. I hope that, assuming G moves in, that he likes it. I could give him a choice of patterns, but I think I won't. Partly it is because I want to surprise him and partly it is because I don't want him to ask for anything more difficult than the one I picked out.

I do wish I already knew what colors he likes so that I could start this weekend. I actually have time do get some of it done, and it is probably best not to try to take Tina Ursula anywhere, so having a project would be a good idea. Still, I probably shouldn't. Right? I should wait. Brian said I should wait. I was just going to do it in dark blue and off-white, but Brian says, "What if blue brings up painful childhood memories?"

I don't have to be in a hurry. I can even do it in the summer. And it will be summer. It's not like he is going to be cold without he own quilt. And we do own blankets.

And we will need to get those beds so that Andrew and Evan so they can share what is now Andrew's room. Evan is going to be moving back in in just about two weeks. If G moves in it won't be for four weeks, so we can probably get it done. Maybe we can make Andrew and Evan assemble the beds themselves. Since Roland and I will be working for the next four weeks. No...that probably isn't a good idea. Still, I hope that it isn't too difficult to assemble them.

Good thing I didn't cancel the extra cell phone...

See how calm and uninvested I am in this?



  1. Totally calm, not at all jumping ahead on this. Actually it all sounds like what I'd be doing right now if I were in that situation.

  2. I vote for George or Giles! If the beds are those loft type beds you showed pictures of earlier the boy's should be able put them up with little trouble and much quicker than you and Roland. See if the social worker can slyly sneak in finding out his favorite colors without giving up the surprise. I have a good feeling about this. Maybe he's your prize for loving Frankie last fall! Stranger things have happened. I really hope tthis works out for you if he is as good as he sounds. You are due for a break.

  3. I think his name is Gary.

    Sometimes I wish I could be one of your boys so you would make me a quilt. ;-)

  4. Totally detached. I get it. HA!


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