Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ann's Story 45: Stunned and Numb


Well, welcome back. I suppose this is a major surprise for you too. Last week Ann lived here and was only allowed to see Mandy for 2 hours at a time and now she lives with Mandy.

We are reeling from the shock: exhausted, numb, and I guess relieved too. I understand why "Robin" and the director made the decision the way they did. After the show she put on in front of the them the other night... I understand that they concluded that she was willing to do anything in order to be moved and that they didn't want her to do anything worse than call Hubby every fowl name she could think of in front of everyone.

I got a call from Carl at Job Corps. N. was apparently at the office and heard Ann down the hall. She told Carl about it. He reports that she claimed she nearly went into the director's office to "give Ann a piece of her mind." Carl wanted to know if we were okay. I assured him that Roland was able to let all that roll off. Carl was relieved to hear that she moved to Mandy and John's. N. had him quite worried about what sort of danger we might be in. I assured him that it was just teenage melodrama.

I understand, but I guess I wish it could have ended differently. If anyone ever brings up the circle of families model (what ever did happen to that idea?) I am still interested. I don't want to stop being her "auntie."

Anyway, I am writing to tell you that I got all of her things packed and I would like to retract everything I said about Mandy being inconsiderate when she packed Ann's things. I too gave up on being neat an folding clothes. Everything was such a mess. She has been eating in her room, which is not allowed, and the hiding the evidence. Everytime I moved something I found more clothes mixed with CDs, mixed with papers, mixed with garbage. I did manage to have some boxes with just clothes and others with just papers.

We took the boxes to her. Ann seemed very happy and I had a nice talk with Mandy and John. Mandy said that Ann still wanted to go to church with us and that she thought that was good for her. She also thought it was a good idea if Ann could have a regular visitation schedule with us. I told that to Hubby and he just gave me the look. I tend to live in the Land of Emotional Conflict. Hubby however hales from a simpler place where everything is always clear. The emotional weather may be the opposite of what it was an hour ago, but it is always clearly what it is. So today Roland is hurt and angry and tired. Right now he is not interested in talking about visitation with Ann.

He will though after he has had some time. As hurt as he his, and as exhausted as we all are, I know none of us want to loose her from our lives. At least I don't.

Anyway, I am going to curl up into a ball and sleep for a few days.

Next week is spring break at my school. Can we get together for lunch? I would really like to just "process" everything with you.

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