Monday, May 19, 2008

Ann's Story Part 41: The Fall-Out

You may recall, a few posts back, I predicted that the sh*t was about hit the did

3/20/03 from Mandy

The agency just called Ann is no longer able to come over and spend the weekend with us because of the argument that she had with B. about me last time she was here. Please let Ann know that this has nothing to do with how much we love her and want her home. This is the agency's call.

To Mandy, same day
I promise.

We should set up some visits though. Ruby said two hour spots and suggested both Monday and Tuesday. What time would be good for you? Think about what you want to do for after break. It is obviously easiest for me if she takes the bus to your house once or twice a week and then I pick her up about 6:00. But I don't know if she will see John that way. Let me know what works for you.

Next week I'm going to a conference. I understand they figured out a respite option closer to here, so she should be able to see you next week too.
Ruby came to the house on Friday to tell Ann what had happened. For the time being, she would only be allowed 2 hour visits with Mandy and John.

Reflection 2008:
This news was devastating to Ann, heartbreaking for Mandy, and deeply discouraging for us. I had been expecting to have every other weekend "off" and I wasn't sure how I, or the rest of the family, would cope like this.

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