Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dinner with Gary

Yes, FosterAbba wins the naming contest. Sorry, no prize.

We've done these awkward first "date" meetings before. I decided I wasn't going to ask him a bunch of questions. He would just be trying to figure out what was the "right" thing to tell me. We got a large booth, Roland the worker and I chatted about a variety of things and the boys talked about video games. I glanced over periodically to see how they were getting along. Gary relaxed fairly quickly. Brian periodically stopped talking long enough for Gary to say something. That is not quite fair. Gary did get to talk quite a bit.

I did ask him what his favorite color was. He said red and black. That will make a pretty dramatic quilt.

When we said goodbye I told him that I hoped we would see him again soon. His social worker was supposed to ask him on the drive back if he wants to visit us this weekend. If he does we will pick him up Saturday morning and return him Sunday night.

I predict he will be moving in. Because of the promises we made to the kids after Frankie left we cannot make an official decision until we get in all the reports that we are waiting for, but so far everything looks quite positive.


  1. I'm getting excited for you!

  2. I'm beginning to get excited too. Though still trying to keep a lid on it.

  3. I hope it works out for all of you!

  4. He really sounds like an outstanding young man. Wow.

  5. Ditto on all the excitement! :)

    I love "mismatched reds" ... could be quite nice in a quilt with the black as a very minimal, uniform accent(it will be so demanding on the eyes with the reds). Maybe a black frame. And some red calico with black accents.

    How fun.

    Best Wishes to all,

  6. I hope there are no surprises. He sounds really great.

  7. This is sounding better and better all the time- :) very exciting!


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