Monday, May 12, 2008

advice on camera phones

One of the benefits of Gary moving in is that instead of canceling the extra phone line I have the option of getting a new phone.

My darling husband keeps taking every camera we own to school and leaving them there. Now, he will bring my camera back when I ask, but he just takes it again.

So I am wondering, do any of you take pictures with your phones? If so, what do you think of your phone-as-a-camera? Obviously you are not going to have the same photo quality as you would with a camera, but how is it for taking ordinary snapshots of the family?

Oh...I have Veriz*n and I won't be switching, so it does have to be one of their phones.


  1. I use an iPhone (AT&T) and that wont workf or you.
    I have used a motorola Razr in the past.
    Personally, I dont find camera phone quality good enough for snapshots, etc. Its for one time snapping of something.
    (Like I just bought some new furniture and wanted a picture of it before it was delivered to share with my mother. I snapped, emailed, she got the sense, then I deleted it).

    My needs may be greater than yours but personally, I could never consider my phone being of any use for any real photos.

  2. Comment by Suz is about on target as far as I am concerned - I actually bought a small digital to carry with me because my cel phone (a razr) is cwappy.

  3. I'm sure there are some pretty good camera phones out there, but I do think Suz got it right for the most part.

    I've got a Razr-type phone and unless you're really close, the pictures aren't worth it.

  4. I have a camera phone but I don't think they are practical for taking pictures you really want to keep and have for a long time. They are great for things like snapping a pic of an antique at at flea market and sending it to a friend for advice. Or if there is something unexpected that shows up.

    I have verizon and there is a way that you can send them to a website then mail them to yourself then save and print or something like that-- I have never quite figured it out.


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