Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Respite

Mandy just dropped off another respite girl, whom we shall call "TinaUrsula." [Updated: I forgot that I was up to "u".]

Tina comes with a warning label, in fact the exact same warning label I would have been useful with Rhonda.* Not that Ursula is a princess, although she could be. I am warned however not to believe anything she says, and not to let her go on walks else she will get into all sorts of trouble. Also not to let her have unsupervised access to the phone. Oh, and Mandy was very relieved to hear that Andrew was already planning on staying at a friend's tonight and off to the prom with his girlfriend tomorrow. Andrew has grown up with Mandy's girls in the house, and he is to be trusted. Still, Mandy is glad that she doesn't have to worry about that.

Tina is not the girl she originally asked me to take. That young woman is off at her grandmother's. Mandy is not sure that is going to stick and I have agreed to take her if need be.

I do wish that I had been warned about Rhonda. Andrew was right that the reason I was so upset with her was that I got taken in. If I had known from the beginning that she was a charming manipulator I wouldn't have fallen for it. Ursula is supposed to be worse, but I am prepared.

No worries.

*Click the label "Rhonda" if you want to read up on her.


  1. Andrew has a girlfriend?! Guess I missed that piece of news...

  2. I clicked on the "Rhonda" label and all I got was this post. Am I missing something?

    Also, I think I missed the girlfriend too...

  3. I fixed the Rhonda label. It will work now.


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