Sunday, August 05, 2007

The toilet broke

I mean what else is there to say?

Last night it started to over-flow. Andrew knew that if he held the knob up it would help so he did. He yelled from the basement for us but we didn't hear. So he banged on the wall, at which point the tank lid, which he had moved to make certain that holding the knob up was holding the seal down, fell into the tank and broke it.

So we need a new toilet.

On a Sunday.

When a new kid is coming to visit.

We do have another toilet on the main floor which all five six of us can use. As long as Andrew is not taking one of his marathon baths, that is. Oh the fun and joy of THAT option.

Yesterday my handy friend came out and cleaned my air conditioner and she didn't even charge me. I absolutely owe her dinner. Did you know that those units outside your house can get really dirty, and if they do get really dirty then they can't push out the hot air and so they don't work? You have to turn off the electricity to it, and then you have to know which places to spray with the hose and which ones not to, but when you do, lots of dirt and gunk comes out. And then your air conditioner works again.

So at least we won't be outrageously hot.

Just full bladders.

Anyone ever replaced a toilet themselves? It's Evan's day off and he can help with the heavy lifting. Is this the sort of thing that someone who can read and owns tools can do? I suppose I could call my handy friend. She encouraged Hubby to install our dishwasher, to replace the one that died a month ago (sigh). He did that successfully.


  1. My husband is a plumber and I have watched him replace many a toilet. This is something you can do yourself. Just find a step by step guide and you will be fine. Much, much easier than installing a dishwasher (and quicker)!

  2. My Handy Man hubby says it is VERY easy. Email me with your phone number if you want to chat at him about it.

  3. putting in a new toilet is one of the easier things to do, i don't think you'll have any trouble. there is really no need to pay money for someone else to do it.


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