Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Day of School (update already)



Of course Brian is still on half days and I will have to pick him up at noon, but I have four hours of quiet. Well, until Evan gets up and wants to watch television, or ask me advice about packing his room, or whatever.

But I should have three hours of quiet.

Two at a minimum.

And of course it all goes just like I expected. One week ago I asked Andrew how his AP assignments were going. He said calmly that they were practically done. On Monday I asked him how much he had to do. He said very little. On Tuesday he spent the day working on one of them. On Wednesday he had a panic attack because one of the assignments that he had half finished when we were on vacation is gone. He doesn't even have the instructions. Hubby dropped by the school at 3:00 to pick up another copy. He isn't sure he can do it. More anxiety.

I wonder if this is his way of forcing a decision about dropping one of the AP classes. There is little I can do. He needs to learn to handle his anxiety, which could be helped by getting the work done earlier. Oh well.

I remind all the boys to gather their school supplies and pack their back packs before they go to bed. They all assure me that they have. They are all ready.

This morning Frankie is squeezing in as much time as possible on WOW before school. He assures me he is ready. I suggest he is not ready until he has his shoes on. Then I go through his backpack with him. I gently take out of his binder spiral notebooks from last year. Anxious he says, "But what will I do without a notebook! I need a notebooks!" I direct him to the supply cabinet. He gets more supplies. "Okay, I'm ready now."

"Do you have your schedule?" He runs around frantically. He can't find it. How can he go to school if he doesn't have it? I make a photocopy of mine.

Meanwhile Hubby is helping Brian who has no idea where his ID card or agenda are.


Good thing they were all ready for school before they went to bed, huh?

But at least now I have quiet. For a while.

Update: Hubby forgot something. Could I bring it to school for him?

I will have an hour and a half of quiet. Absolute mimimum.

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