Sunday, August 12, 2007

Frustrated Nesting

Part of the problem is surely that I would rather not do the school work I ought to do.

But part of the problem is that I have a new kid on the way and I want to make the place ready for him.

And I absolutely, positively will not do anything that will make Evan feel like I want him to move out earlier. I don't want him to move out earlier. I wish that Frankie could come two weeks later.

I wish I was going to have a week in between the two boys to prep the room.

The room is an unattractive blue with a strange green trim. Brian picked it out and he loved it and that was really all that mattered. When Evan moved out, Brian moved to the upstairs bedroom (so as to be closer to the puppy). When Evan wanted to move back in he was already part of the family, and it was just temporary. Saying, "Of course you may move back in, but you have to take Brian's old room with the funny colors and the Harry Potter curtains" did not feel rude. Evan was fine with it.

But now there is a new kid coming. I want him to feel welcomed. I want his space to feel like it is really his. You know not "Frankie, Cupboard Under the Stairs, Privet Drive...." or more accurately, "Frankie, Smallest Bedroom with Broken Closet Door and Ugly Paint, Our Street..."

So the plan is to wait until Evan moves out, and then paint -- while the kids are double bunking and school is starting.

Hubby thinks I should just let the painting go until winter break. At the moment I am drifting to the compromise of painting the walls the off white we agreed upon and leave the trim and accent wall until winter. I could paint the walls fairly quickly.

We did buy new window coverings though. At least I will get rid of the old Harry Potter curtains.

This is probably what Evan was worried about when he kept asking me if I could handle the stress of one kid moving in while he was moving out and school was starting.

Hubby is probably right, I should let go of painting it when so much else is going on.

It would be so much easier if it weren't so bloody ugly.


  1. What about making the painting a family project with Frankie. Take him to the store, pick out the colors, etc... You a bit of space, a little help and he really feels like it is his room because hey he helped paint it too.

  2. I like Bacchus' suggestion.

    I do love how you let the boys pick out paint and personalize their rooms (even when you don't love their choices). That's important to any kid, but to a teenager that's bounced around a lot it has to be a really big deal.

  3. So can I have the Harry Potter curtains??


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