Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I'm not supposed to read it until after he has moved out. I will try, but that is rather like putting out box of chocolates and telling me that I cannot eat them for two weeks. So you will simply have to read it for me. Go tell him his auntie says hello. I had him sign up for a tracking service, so he will know exactly how many people go to his blog from mine. Don't let me down.

Apparently on MySp*ce this is called "whoring him out." I guess that makes me his pimp?Unsettling thought.

BTW: I will keep this post on the top of the blog for a while. Look for new posts below it. [Thanks to FosterAbba for instructions.]


  1. If you want a post to remain as a "sticky" post at the top of your blog, set the post date to the date and time you want the post to stop being sticky.

    All newer posts are automatically dated with the date/time they were started, so they'll show on your blog below the post you've designated as the sticky.

  2. He's off to a flying start. I said hi.

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I visited his blog but am unable to leave him a comment since it is restricted to google accounts and I don't have one. U may suggest he unrestrict it as he will receive less comments that way...U don't have to read his blog to tell him that...don't want you to break a promise -:)

    I have added him to my blgroll as he has mine as well...will look forward to reading his entries.


  4. I'll do it! I'm just surfing websites and it's the least I can do!

    I'll be back to visit! Ironically, your blog fits in with my GLBT topic today, so... most excellent!


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