Monday, August 27, 2007

The Learning Center (TLC) -- Updated

Last night Hubby sat down with Frankie with drawings he had made to help him understand what his choices options are for school. Frankie immediately pointed to the drawing of TLC and said, "I like that."

Later I asked him what he was thinking and he started talking about all the pros and cons, showing signs of going a whirlpool of indecisiveness similar to the "which World of Warcraft character should be my main one" that currently occupies all of his waking hours. I mentioned it to Hubby who assured me that he would not let Frankie get sucked in. They are going to visit TLC today and then unless Frankie hates it, he will transfer over in a couple of days.

We are fortunate that one of the psychologists who used to work for the state superintendent of education, and was one of the only people the new superintendent did not fire when he was elected, got fed up with said superintendent's idiocy and quit and came to work in Our Small Town. She, the pyschologist, is fresh and new and active in Frankie's case. Of course we are not lucky that our state superintendent of education is an idiot who has never worked in a public school in any capacity whatsoever, and has fired or lost everyone who had a clue, but I digress.

Anyway, though going to school with an adult trained to help kids with issues was an option, no one thought it was a really good option for high school unless it was something that Frankie really wanted. He would accept it, I'm sure, but everyone is leaning towards TLC.

I shall update this after Hubby gives me the report regarding how it is all going.

So they went this morning to see the center. The kids there ranged from about 8 to 15, so Frankie would not be the oldest. When they were there all the kids were busy on their own work with multiple adults available to help. Frankie said it smelled like a dentist office, but he would feel comfortable going to school there.

Next step is an intake meeting, at which we will have to sign various documents. The parents have to promise to cooperate with the program. He can get points which will help him acheive higher levels and more privileges, by doing his homework and possibly completing other at-home tasks. Don't know what yet.

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