Sunday, August 05, 2007

First Impressions

Okay, Frankie has been here an hour and a half and I think he is a keeper (use of pronoun not a mistake).

He seems to like it here. He is really into RPG (Roll Role-Playing Games) games, which Andrew and Brian really, really are. Frankie is very excited at the boys' collection of such games. [Added: Andrew, and to a lesser extent, Brian are major Dungeons and Dragons players, which is a role-playing game which does involve rolling dice. They also own a large collection of video games in which are also classified as RPG's. Thanks to Parodie who caught my mis-spelling which in this case was confusing).

He likes to read and we live a block from the library.

After dinner I asked him if he had any questions or comments and he said, "Well, I'm really glad you're not like some other foster parents I met. You're not like neat-freaks or anything."

Yep. That's us. We spent all day cleaning. I look around and am so impressed and our astute visitor observes that we are not neat-freaks.

Everyone else is watching my language though. I was asking him if he wanted more pizza or something to drink and then I said, "I should warn you though. I won't always be this solicitous."
Hubby rolled his eyes and told me that nobody knows what "solicitous" means. Ben, the health care worker, said that he was embarrassed to ask. I explained that "solicitous" means paying a lot of attention to people's needs before they even express them. Frankie said okay.

After he noted that we were not neat-freaks I laughed and said this was as good as it gets and over the next few days he will see it degenerate before his eyes. Hubby said, "That means it will get worse."

Everything is moving so quickly!


  1. I had to laugh. Usually I'm the one that uses words which seem natural but everyone around me looks at me funny. I finally broke the habit after I started spending a lot of time with people who speak English as a second language, or don't at all. Nothing makes you think about your own vocabulary more than spending time trying to work in a language you aren't completely fluent in.

  2. Ok, can you please explain the pronoun thing? Somehow I missed something...were you using a gender neutral pronoun because you didn't want us to know if Frankie was a boy or girl? Or were you using it because you weren't sure if Frankie identified himself as a boy or girl?

    But glad it is going good. I had to make some disclaimers about my behavior when Izzy first came. We had gone out to eat and then to the races and she said, "I like it here because we get to do everything even if it costs a lot!"

  3. I'm glad it is going well, both for Frankie and for you all.

  4. RPGs are actually Role-playing games, as in, games where people pretend to be a character (play a role). Though they do often tend to involve dice. :)

    I'm excited for you that he seems to be fitting in well! And I love all the pictures and things you are preparing for him - what a wonderful way to allow him to anticipate and preparing for moving in with you.

  5. Frankie sounds like a cool kid! :)


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