Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Education of Brian, updated

So he was initially put in pre-Algebra, which is standard for 8th grade. However he got half-way through Algebra One last year. So they did a new schedule for him and sadly, it required some sacrifices. His new schedule is:

Algebra I
Jazz Band

Yep...that's four periods of artsy stuff and three of traditional academics.

At least that expensive instrument I rented will be used for 2 periods every day.

He came home singing, "I don't have to take social studies...I don't have to take social studies..." Not that social studies isn't important, but it conflicted with Algebra.


  1. yea brian!! and he can go to this school through 12th grade? sounds like a wondeful place to me.

  2. I would have traded algrebra for social studies any day. I hated matt and still do.

    Now if I could just find a job where my social studies pays off. LOL


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