Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Things to share:

Diane (social worker) to Frankie: "What are your favorite things about living here?"
Frankie: "Free food ... and the family."
Diane: "The food at the last place was didn't cost money, so how..."
Frankie (interrupting): "Yeah but you could only eat when they said and then you had to eat it whether you liked it or not. Here I can get food when I am hungry and if I don't like it or I'm not hungry they don't force me to eat it."
Diane: "But you like the family too?"
Frankie: "Yeah. They're good."
Diane: "How?"
Frankie: "I dunno. They just are. Do you want to see my new WOW character?"
Diane: "Maybe later."

Frankie has more than 10 WOW characters. There is one token male. The rest are very muscular women.
I'm told that doesn't mean anything.

Andrew: "Which is your main character?"
Frankie: "My royj."
Andrew: "Your what?"
Frankie: "My royj"
Andrew: "Show me." He does. "You mean 'rogue.'"
Frankie: "Yeah. My royj."

School starts tomorrow.

Evan moves Friday morning.


  1. Most of the female characters are played by men. We refer to the men-who-play-women as Manginas. Women-who-play-men are Shenis.

    I'd say about 98% of female toons are played by men. The female Night Elf is well known for standing on a mailbox nude and dancing for tips. From what I hear, boys like to watch the Draenai females run, as you see the game from behind the player. The Draenai female has a... serious rump. And a tail. Some people like that.

    And now it is raid time.

  2. I so am out of my league on this one. LOL Dare I ask what a Draenai is?

    This makes me feel old. When did that happen?

  3. Here's a list of all the playable races in World of Warcraft. Click on Night Elf and Draenai, or whatever other catches your fancy.

    You can catch the Blood Elf and Draenai dance moves here:

    See that rump on the Draenai female? Lets just say that a lot of teenage boys enjoy watching that milkshake.


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