Friday, August 31, 2007

Shopping Complete least for now.

At first Frankie didn't want to try things on. I put a man's shirt over our pile of clothes and told him that if any asked we would tell them he was helping to pick out clothes for his cousin.

He got very excited about getting his cousin clothes. He learned that you really have to try on women's clothes. They are cut differently and the size on the label really doesn't mean a lot. The more he looked and tried on the more wired up he got. "What do you think of the Yondalla? Do you think it would fit my cousin?" "I think she would like this, but you probably wouldn't buy it for her since it's so short, huh?"

In the end he picked out 4 black dresses, three long, three skirts, a nightgown, a pair of shoes, and I lost count of how many tops.

We came home he settled right in to play WOW.

I don't know about you, but I am pooped.


  1. Wow. I'll bet that particular shopping trip will be a lifelong, happy, paramount memory for Frankie. And it wouldn't happen with just anybody- thank goodness for good foster parents like you! -Kate-

  2. I'm so glad you two found a way to get clothes that falls in both your comfort zones. That's so cool.

    Dude, I'd probably be exhausted after that week, too. Go have a drink.


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