Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day One

I probably won't publish this for a while, but I thought it would keep me busy.

Currently it is one minute past the earliest time that Frankie might have arrived. That estimate of course was based upon the unlikely assumptions that: Frankie was ready to leave at the outrageously early time that the social worker was picking him up and that they made good time on the highway.

I swept the kitchen and tidied the bathroom. I am debating whether to vacuum. Of course it needs to be vacuumed. It always needs to be vacuumed.

The person who is bringing him is the state worker, which is why I feel like I should make the house tidy. First (and maybe only) impressions and all that. Not that he would take Frankie away if it were a mess.

This may sound like I am obsessing, but really I'm just trying to avoid vacuuming. It is now 9:13...see it worked.

Still not here. I got Brian up and out of bed. I stripped his bed, put the sheets in the washer, put Frankie's quilt on the bed, vacuumed (not well), wrote a couple of emails and read blogs. Sigh. I'll go see if the dishwasher is done running...

Frankie calls from social workers phone. They are just around the corner.

Social worker calls having missed the turn and is trying to figure out how to get back. I gave him turn by turn directions.

They arrive. Frankie has boxes and boxes and suitcases and suitcases. Much of it has been in storage. My suggestion that he not sort until after he gets his room is not so much dismissed as completely ignored. He rummages through things, showing me pieces of clothing and telling me where he got them. He wants to know if we can clean the manure of the boots that have been in storage for two years. The social worker meanwhile wants to talk to me about meds and such. I got the family chart, status of relationships. The social worker gives me his email. He hasn't been a case worker very long (this I learn later in the conversation) and would like me to copy him on email updates to the agency worker.

And we're off!


  1. woo hoo!

    Sounds like a good start to the day.

  2. Glad that he's arrived!

  3. Great, now you can stop worrying (did I tell you that you worry too much?) and start living.


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