Sunday, August 05, 2007

Isn't mid-forties too young for this?

No...Frankie is not here yet.

I took a nap (not on purpose). The sheets on Brian's bed, where Frankie will sleep, are all nice and clean, and Hubby dusted. I am sitting here in my big chair while Evan watches a movie turned up too loudly and three fans are running (I said the air conditioner was working, not that it was working better than it used to).

Hubby says, "Yondalla!"

I look over and he is staring at the TV. "What? ... WHAT!" I say, not very rudely, but he did just call me.

Hubby says, "I wanted to say something but Evan wanted me to [mumble...mumble]."

I go back to reading an email.



"The person who does the voice for [mumble] is the same [mumble...mumble]."

"I can't hear you over the TV and all these fans!"

He gives me the now uninteresting factoid in a louder voice. I make polite acknowledgement, doing a very good job of feigning interest.

Evan says, "You know when you two get older you will both just yell at each other all the time, don't you?"

I reply, "Maybe we will just take a sign language class together. What do you think, Honey? Will you take a sign class with me?" He stares at the TV. "Honey?....HONEY!!"

He startles, looks at me confused and says, "What?"

Evan just shakes his head.


  1. LOL We do that now without the fans and tv. Maybe we should take a sign language class now that we are in our 30's. LOL

    We have a rule that if you have to repeat it more than twice the other person must not be that interested. At that point we usually drop whatever it was. Of course it has also led to "I know I told you, I don't know why you don't remember?"

  2. You can't see our bed/sitting room but my computer is next to the t.v.

    Directly behind, up against the bed are our two chairs.

    We have a swamp cooler in the window, Ray's oxygen, the fan that cools Ray's oxygen machine, sometimes another fan for cross ventilations, and the t.v.

    Ray speaks softly and has some impediment from his illness. Even worse he waits until he has just lain down to start a conversation when I'm at the computer katty corner across the room with all the aforementioned in between us.

    When did you say that sign language class was starting?

  3. Well if you are too young, so are we, but we sound very similar. Drives our kids nuts, but we are used to each other.


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