Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did you know?

After his counseling session we had dinner at a fast food place. I called Hubby on my cell, and Frankie said: "Did you know that in the old times, like the '90's most people didn't have their own phones?"

"Did you say the '90's?"

"Yeah, before, in the old times, people had to call a woman and tell her who they wanted to talk to and then she put the thing in the board and they could talk but she could listen. Then in the 90's some people started getting cell phones."

Um...where to start?


  1. in the good ol days of yore,

  2. Did you know that in 1985, Yates Center, KS still used a switchboard?

    I know, because I was there and had to ask one of the locals why none of the phones in town had dials.

    The "olden days." Yeah, right.

  3. Ok Frankie is making me feel old..


  4. LMAO. Does Frankie know there was once a world before email, too?

    Dinosaurs, the poor things, could not send electronic notes to their friends.


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