Monday, August 27, 2007

Medication, oh medication

Frankie did a very good job in the beginning of remembering his own meds.

But you know, he was new. He got over it.

So yesterday he was hyper. Very hyper. But he was cheerful, so that's not too bad.

And then he was up at 3:00am. Playing WOW.

Fortunately Hubby was sleeping on the sofa and sent him back to bed.

Now Frankie will probably fall asleep at school, again.

It is odd. He never falls asleep here. Even if he is, as Evan poetically puts it, "up at the butt crack of dawn." He stays awake all day. School however is a different experience.

Anyway, we have always leaned towards making the kids responsible for remembering their own meds, but I think we need a back up system. I'm going to purchase some small sticker that the kids can put on a calendar if they take their meds on time without being reminded. Hubby will come up with an appropriate reward system.

We've also agreed on a rule that even if you can't sleep, no electronics may be turned on until 6:30am.

On the up side. I am a very, very deep sleeper, and Hubby is not. I just hear reports about night-time activity.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering if this child is obsessed with WOW, the answer is yes. He may play for a couple of hours every day. When he is not playing he is debating which character to make his main one. All day, every day.


  1. Sounds like my child. Also sounds like he is forgetting to take his meds.

    My son is 18 now and I am just beginning to try to make him responsible for his meds (not just taking them, but having the scrips filled and making appointments with his doctor as necessary.) So far it's not going well. One morning noise in the basement woke me at 2am--he was working on the moped he took apart and is putting back together. He sleeps very little, with or without the meds. When he was younger, before he was diagnosed with ADD and treated, he would talk non-stop about what he was interested in--NON STOP. I think he's learned to control that now, though, and of course the meds help.

  2. I wonder, should you limit the time he spends playing video games? It seems like two hours a day is an awful lot. Of course I probably shouldn't comment on this, because we don't have any video games at our house and I recently decided to cut off our satellite TV connection.

    Maybe you should redirect some of that energy into useful chores. After all, what's the sense of having dwarves if they don't do chores? (wink)

    Lucky that you are a good sleeper. All that activity would keep me awake, too.

  3. good that he has a hobby.


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