Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Registration Complete

Frankie was very, very disappointed to learn that he is still classified as a freshman. He did everything they told him to at the center, he got good grades in all his classes, and he should be sophomore, and he was not happy about being "held back." They explained that he wasn't being held back, and that he had done very well last year.

If he passes all his classes in the fall, he will be a sophomore in the spring. If he passes all his spring classes, he will come back next year as a junior. And it is possible for him to graduate when he originally expected, although he might have to take summer school.

He felt better about all that, although he was generally not excited about registering for school.

He declined my offer to "walk his schedule" with him so that he knew where everything was.

Buying school supplies, especially the cool back pack was more interesting, but the best part about that trip was that the store also sells nerf guns. He spent 10 minutes (as long as I could take it) looking at all the prices and calculating how much he could buy with his next allowance. For the next half hour all he wanted to talk about was whether he should pay for World of Warcraft (aka WOW) and get one new Nerf gun, or if he should get two Nerf guns and wait for WOW. Or maybe he should get the smaller gun, extra darts, and WOW. But then he couldn't get the ring. So maybe he would get the ring, and lots of extra darts, and WOW. But he really wants the guns, so maybe he should wait one more month before signing up for a WOW account (right now he has the free 10 day trial).

If I never hear anything again about WOW or nerf guns I will be just fine.

I also bought him a small lock box (the size of a cash box) to keep his precious possessions in. I have got one for all the kids. None of them have put much in them, but it has always been very exciting to them that they have that box that no one can get into but them. I don't even keep a key. (Although if I had reason to think there was anything illegal or dangerous I would make them open it. That has never happened though.)

We paid for his school activity card, but he wants to know how old you have to be to get a state ID. He wants one; and he wants a social security card to carry in his wallet. He is not happy with the idea that the one the agency is getting for him is supposed to stay in his binder with his birth certificate, medical card and other important papers from the agency. He wants one.

I think I understand -- or if I don't understand, I can accept. He has a need to carry as much identification with him has possible. Documents that certify that he is real, that he belongs here. We got him a library card. Soon he will have a school ID, a state ID (if I can get one for a 15 year old, I think I can), his own social security card, and a Visa Buxx allowance card. That should make a fairly impressive wallet collection.

Recently, a foster care alumni told me how important her passport was to her. She suggested that getting one should be a goal for all foster youth. It is the ultimate ID; something that suggests a level of prestige and membership in ... something.


  1. He sounds so much like my 11 year old. At least you know where he is at with his "adjusted" age!

    I gave the kids boxes too, but they save EVERYTHING and it overflows into every area of the house. I keep explaining that the special stuff needs to fit into the special box, but to them everything is special and must be hoarded. Sigh.

  2. Tell Frankie that Maerlowe says to get World of Warcraft. This is advice from a level 70 Druid, Priest, Hunter, and Mage, so it must be good, right?

    Seriously, though, once that ten day trial runs out, he'll probably be so annoying about it that you'll be ready to jump off the roof.

  3. Hey..I was thinking about doing my kids allowances on the Visa Buxx cards..have you had a good experience with it?


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