Friday, August 24, 2007

New Schools

Today was new school day.

I dropped Brian of at the charter school for the arts. His schedule is:band, social science, English, art, math, science, band. Ah yes, he was a happy camper. He is coming home in a car pool (yippee) so I have a few minutes to write for all of you.

Evan and I got the last of his things and took them to his room. We do not move him in so much as drop off his stuff. The room is one of the smallest dorm rooms I have ever seen, but it is all his. The whole thing was a rather complicated procedure -- park in an over-crowded lot, walk to the dorm to check in, go back and get the van, drive to the dorm, drop of the stuff in front of the dorm, return the car, come back and move the stuff from the front of the dorm to the room itself. Sadly, I forgot my purse and Evan had to do all the driving. It was a trial, sitting there in front of the dorm, talking to the moms and new students while Evan drove the van across campus trying to find a place to park and then taking the shuttle back, but I managed.

He's excited. I'm glad he is only 30 miles away. He nervous of course, but he will do really well. I think he's going to like it there.

Although I kept thinking of things he didn't have. The bed is raised about four feet so he could put his dresser, fridge, and microwave under it. Of course he needs a cart or box or something to go under the microwave. He did not buy any detergent or cleaning supplies of any kind. He has a private room and shares a bathroom and common area (not kitchenette as I had imagined) with three other guys. Hopefully one of the other guys thought about toilet paper. If puts everything under his bed he will have room for a book case.

You know that crayon-urge I had last week? Well, I'm getting this potted plant thing going now. I'm not sure if he would remember to water a plant, or really appreciate the plant itself. Still, the room seemed to need something. Maybe just a huge poster of a cute boy in a speedo. Maybe that's what it needs.

Anyway, we got back at noon, Evan went to get his new glasses (he looks sharp), and I started in with the painting of Frankie's room. I've given the three walls that are to be cream (actually "cinnamon cake") one coat, but they will need another. The fourth wall will eventually be crimson, but I think we may leave it its current colonial blue for now.

Any minute now Andrew, Frankie, and Brian will be home.

Frankie's home. Gotta go.


  1. you know, you can put concrete blocks under that bed to make it a foot higher, put the microwave on the dresser or the fridge and put the bookcase under the bed too. i have learned over the years that it is absolutely amazing just what all can be comfortably put into a teeny, tiny dorm room.

  2. It is so great that he has his own room, but also a little communal flavor with the shared common space and bathroom. Sounds like a very good set-up, albeit a small one.
    Good luck Evan!

  3. Into the wild frontier. Good thing it's only 30 minutes away. It brings up those cozy memories of living on the top bunk with all my possessions stacked on the ceiling-level shelves. Good luck to Evan! -Kate-

  4. Oh, the college dorm days. I remember them like yesterday...oh wait, they were practically yesterday in my case. (ok, I'm exagerating a little, it's been 10 years but really seems like yesterday). Glad he can have his privacy and yet, have some common ground with other guys too.


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