Friday, August 17, 2007

Off to school registration

Thanks everyone for the reassurance on telling-time issue.

Frankie woke up early this morning and was playing with legos when I got up. He was described as young for his age before we met him, and that is certainly part of what is going on. Part of it also could be never having seen so many legos at one time. And I imagine that it has been a long time since he has been able to play with a cool toy without a lot of competition from other kids.

And if I have his history right, and I seem to get slightly different versions of it, his prime Bionicle building years were mostly spent living homeless. So this would have been an undreamed of luxury. These aren't regular brick legos, by the way. These are legos intended to build cool, lanky robots which have been disassembled and now may be reassembled to create marvelous creatures. He has spent hours alternating between building these creatures and caring for his furby. He still hasn't got the thing to tell him its name. He could reset it, but it has been played with an has already learned a good bit of English and Frankie does not seem to want to reset it.

There are mulitiple explanations for his interest in activities usually more appropriate to younger children. It could be because he missed those years. I have begun to wonder if it is a way of refusing to deal with his sexuality issues (although that is just a guess).

Today we talk to the study skills teacher. I keep writing long posts with all the options and why we prefer high school with Study Skills class to either "sink or swim" or Special Education: Extreme Edition or even Alternative High School (although I am open to that option). But then I delete them because we don't have all the information and explaining it based upon the what I do know would mean giving you more information about Frankie's past than seems right.

In any case, today we talk with the study skills woman, whom Hubby and I both would like to marry and raise babies with (she's that good). Hubby is also setting up a meeting of all the educational people to make a decision. This committee has the power to give us what we want, even if documentation is incomplete. I plan on keeping my mouth shut and let Hubby do the talking.

The social worker is trying to be helpful, but failing miserably. She sent us an email yesterday saying she had spoke with someone from the next district over and they have a new cool program that is first-come-first-serve and maybe we should check it out. I read it to Hubby and we debated whether we should even tell the SW all about the hoops one must jump through in order to enroll one's child out-of-district, especially THAT district. We decided to stick with the hoops we have already lined up.

In any case, things are calm here now.

I really do plan on bringing David home for dinner. I think that driving him home for dinner instead of taking us all out to eat is less expensive, but with the price of gas it is a bit of a toss up.
Now I just need to get out of my night gown and get ready to go to registration.


  1. What! The night gown isn't appropriate attire for a meeting? LOL

    I've had mornings where I've thought it would be great to live in pajamas. Of course those were usually after early mornings with Baby R.

  2. As for the Legos...
    I live with my otherwise reasonably grown up 27 yr old boyfriend, and we still go to the Lego section very time we go to the store. He has a ton of Legos and still plays with them. *shrug*


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