Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Frankie's secret ingredient

Frankie cooked spaghetti for dinner last night. At Frankie's request, Hubby taught him how to do it.

And though Frankie needed to be taught, he still remembered his secret ingredient which he assures us his mother also added.

Everyone ready? No one got food in their mouths?


The secret ingredient for spaghetti sauce is: pickles.


  1. YUCK!! I actually have heard of people doing that before though.

  2. Hmm. Never heard of it, but so long as it were small pieces, I guess it could add a nice tartness to the flavor?

    But if we're talking whole kosher dills, then ick.

  3. They were the sliced pickles I bought for hamburgers. "Bread and butter" I believe they were called. And the whole slices were tossed in -- rather like crinkle cut meatballs.

    They were easy to pick out.

  4. I''m trying hard to make the leap here. My FIL would add green pepper, which is similar to cucumber...nope. I can't do it. My MIL's secret potato salad ingredient was relish. Maybe he was thinking about something other than sauce?

    Did Mom have substance abuse issues? Because I can TOTALLY see it if you through in substance abuse!

  5. Ick.
    But did it improve the flavour?

  6. and what did these pickles do for the flavor of the speghetti? i am still laughing! you and you husband are good people! probably just as well evan was was at school last night!

  7. I have to go with ICK! not because of pickles in sauce but I never got past bread & butter. That sweetness....

    I would think that dill would add a tart saltiness to sauce?

    I had an aunt who put brown sugar in hers. It was the grossest thing ever but she was always so proud of us. My mom would bribe us to eat some.

  8. Pickles in spaghetti sauce has to be one of the grossest ideas ever.


  9. So.. I put balsamic vinager in my sauce sometimes. It is a big stretch, but could the vinager in the pickles be similar???


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