Saturday, August 18, 2007

More On Granny

This is written with Granny's permission.

I am getting emails from friends of Granny who don't want to bother her by asking "what happenned." Granny deleted the details of the event from her blog to protect the girls from negative local attention, but I don't think that is a danger with my blog. So I will share the bare bones here.

When I go to a training, everyone shares what sort of care they do, and we nod. We are not easily impressed, afterall we all do foster care. But when a family says, "We take teenage girls" there is gasp and then sounds of amazement and wonder. Teenage girls are the most difficult.

Well, one of Ann's teenage girls got angry and called CPS. Stupid stunt. The girl in question made charges that are simply absurd, but CPS came out and investigated.

The investigation led to conversations with Ann about how much she has on her plate and what work the landlord should have done on the apartment and hasn't. Ann's sons encouraged her to retire. It was okay to just be the grandma, and let the girls live somewhere else.

Ann is of course beyond sad, even if she agrees that this is the right thing.

But as always, Ann is thinking of the girls first. She took the story off of her blog because she doesn't want local people giving them grief for calling CPS.

Like I said, Ann was my first friend on the Internet. She is a PFLAG mom. She has been raising her great-grandchildren because that was what was best for them, and now she is letting them go because it is what is best for them.

It hurts, but I am hopeful that once things settle, Ann will enjoy being able to take care of just herself and Ray and get to be the GRANDMA! (Actually make that GREAT GRANDMA).

Ann's phone number: 209 230 3354


  1. Thank you for this. If anyone goes back to my blog, they'll see the phone #.

    If I don't respond, it's because the net is down - again.

    Just got off the phone with a retired social worker/UCC minister in the south. Wonderful guy and he really helped with his experience and caring. He said the same thing about teen girls.

  2. Granny was also one of the first blog friends I made way back before we were matched Baby R. To say that I am sad for this is a very gross understatement.

    Yondalla, Dawn and Gawdess were right up there with her. It is amazing how tiny this great big world can become between the strokes of computer keys.


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