Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crayons (updated)

Well, after the urging of several of you in comments and emails, I bought the crayons.

I got the 120 box. It's on his bed. I'll update this post after he finds it. I expect he will be pretty low-key though.

And yes, I got a pad of paper too.


So he went in and out of his room a couple of times without saying anything about the crayons and pad on his bed, so I finally mentioned that the crayons were for him. He asked about the sketch pad and I said that was his too. "Cool because I like to draw."

He brought the box out to the living room to look at all the different crayons. When you open the box the crayons come divided into separate boxes so I had to assure him that there were 120 different colors. He was suitably impressed.

And Evan pouted because I never bought him a big box of crayons. When he needed colored pencils for a class I told him that we had a drawer of colored pencils and he could just take some from there.

But Evan didn't really mind. Besides, after the younger boys left the room, I reminded him that I bought him a big box of ... something else.


  1. I feel like this is wrong at some psychological level. To comment on a subject about myself.

    But I have to object, I might have been pouting because instead of getting a big box of crayons.

    I got the biggest box of Condoms you have Ever seen.

    I know that was a little PG-13 but it had to be explained.

    I'm done pouting.

  2. I told him you all could figure it out for yourselves.

    But it is good that he's not pouting.

    Even I still can't read HIS blog for another five days.

  3. So, Marvin and Yondalla .. are you sitting across from each other in the living room while posting, or are you each in your own rooms?
    Thanks for the smiles tonight - from condoms to crayons - gotta love life with teenagers!

  4. Evan, having been a gay man at your age. I can assume you had more fun with the big box of ..... that you received more so than the big box of crayongs?

    Sorry Yondalla if that was too graphic. LOL

  5. Marvin, we knew you got the big box of condoms, don't worry. And don't complain -- I'd assume that 120 crayons would be much less fun to afix to your penis. Unless of course, you're into that self-catheterization stuff.

  6. Silph6:31 AM

    "Unless of course, you're into that self-catheterization stuff."
    lol, this is getting more and more graphic!
    who knew I'd be reading about self-catherterization at 8:30 in the morning, ouch! :-)

  7. Deb, At the point of the comments we were sitting across the living room with our laptops on our laps...although I wrote the original post a god bit before he read it.

    As for the rest of'm staying out of where this seems to be going. But y'all enjoy yourself.

  8. Yeah, this went somewhere I never thought it would.

    I was thinking I might be too graphic saying 'Condoms'

    But apparently penis is fair game. Which I had not known up until this point.

    I have so much more respect for you people.

    P.s- that question of us sitting across from each other,its true, my laptop is just much nicer.

  9. True. It is much, much nicer.

  10. Evan's just jealous because his didn't come in as many colors.


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