Monday, June 12, 2006

Respite visitor

We are doing a respite, as I believe I mentioned.

She is a very sweet girl, anxious to please. I had to chase her out of the kitchen last night when she started doing the dishes. It was Andrew and Evan's job and she had done quite enough.

She likes to play cards and we played Quiddler together (is a Rummy game where the cards have letters and you spell words). I considered letting her win, but I am not good at that. I hope that she will be willing to play some more games. I really do enjoy playing, but I have a hard time finding partners.

She came played video games and D&D with the boys yesterday. She came and told me that she never met such nice boys. When they were playing a video game in which everyone is trying to kill everyone else (yeah...I know), they kept warning her that they could see her and gave her a chance to escape. When she "shot" Andrew's character everyone cheered and Andrew congratulated her. When they went to play D&D they invited her to join.

She told me that most of the boys she has known have treated her very poorly. I imagine that's true. She is enjoying life here for a while, and that is good. I happen to know that the other foster girl in her house has daily tantrums and that is exhausting.

Speaking of dealing with daily tantrums, Dan is having hard time of it right now. Swing by if you have a chance and give him an encouraging word.

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