Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blog Roll

I'm working on the blog roll again. Yesterday I stumbled across a good number of foster care blogs and I am not certain that I will find them again. So if you like, please help me out.

Though I already have a couple of exceptions, and I am too attached to them to do anything about it, I am interested in maintaining a list of blogs in which people document the particular challenges of caring for kids who have loved and lost. Whether we are fostering them, adopting them, or are kinship providers, loving kids who have not known permanency, who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused, is a very particular journey.

If you know of blogs that should be included on this list, please let me know. If you are writing such a blog, please let me know...even if you have left me a comment before, do it again. Schools out and now I have time to deal with this.

At the moment I have divided the blogs up between "teens" and "tots" but I am not committed to that.


  1. I have a blog, I used to be cubbiegirl now I am http://baggagethatgoeswithmine.typepad.com

    I adopted from foster care and am thinking about fostering again.

  2. I have a blog also. While it is not exclusively about adoption and foster care, it comes up frequently. We adopted from the state after fostering our youngest. We were foster parents for nine years. Thanks for all you do, advocating for your/our children, it is an important thing to do.

  3. You found cubbiegirl for me. Thanks. I bet she didn't eve know I'd lost her.


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