Friday, June 09, 2006

Evan's anxiety

I had a couple of very strange conversations with Evan tonight.

He complained about the relapse prevention group. He does not like the group leader whom I will call Mike. "Mike" tells him that it is not okay to be okay, and that Evan is "on the edge, man, on the edge." From what I can tell Mike is concerned that Evan is claiming not to have any problems, any emotional upset at all. Mike thinks this means that Evan is not dealing with his emotions and is in danger of relapse. In Evan mind it means that he is not having and problems and Mike should get off his back.

Of course Evan is having emotional upset.

On the way back and for a while back home Evan and I had a very confusing conversation. He kept offering to take a drug test and asking what he needed to do to make me trust him. I kept telling him that my anxiety issues about the future were mine and that he could not take them away.

For a while I thought he was trying to get out of going to group. It turned out though that it is all about the possibility that he will be asked to move out while we are on vacation. How will he get to work? How will he get to school? What does he have to do to convince people that he is trustworthy?

I have sympathies with the kid, I really do. I asked him to try not to worry about it for a while. Let's just see how he handles school first before any decisions are made. I also told him that if the agency does make him move it will be their responsibility to get him to work and school.

Like Granny said in comment in another post, right now we are just waiting.

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  1. Just curious. Is "Mike" his peer or a professional?


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