Friday, June 23, 2006

"Ms. Jones"

I have picked just about the most boring possible name for a very important and interesting woman -- David and Evan's study skills teacher. Though they did not always treat her with the appreciation she deserved, they loved her. She provided them with a safe and supportive place on campus, helped them pick out classes, and generally made them feel cared about. I think she worried over them as much as I did.

"Ms. Jones" is the one local person whom I have told about this blog. After Evan went to rehab she was concerned and wanted to know how he was doing. I told her about the blog as it was the easiest way I had to keep her informed and I completely trust her ability to maintain confidentiality.

So if you are reading this, "Ms. Jones", I have two invitations:
1. I invite you to pick out a better name for yourself. I was as boring as possible just so that I could tempt you to do so.
2. I welcome you, if you like, to comment on any of the entries. Feel free to add your perspective on the story. I know some of the people who read the blog would love to hear it.

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