Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Communication with Hubby

I found this in an email to Mary while I was looking for writings about David. It has absolutely nothing to do with David or even with foster care, but it is so very typical of communication with my darling husband. I had to share:


Yesterday I asked Hubby if he would pick up a card shuffler for me. His parents had sent me money for my birthday and it is a silly thing that I would never buy for myself. On the other hand, the card games I recently bought have double sized decks and really stiff cards. And his parents like it when I spend their birthday money on silly things I would not buy for myself. So I told Hubby that I had $13 left from the money they sent and had decided to add $17 of my "allowance" on the shuffler. Would he pick it up for me? ( much does the shuffler cost?)

Anyway he came home and told me that he went to the store and told the man that he was here to pick up the $17 shuffler his wife wanted. The man told him that they no longer had the $17 model in stock..."Did she tell you it was here?" (Now it is clear to me that by "she" the man at the store meant the woman who works at the shop. It is just a little store and only the two of them work there. But Hubby says that he is sure that the man meant me. How'er it was, Hubby confirmed that "she" had told him it was there. So the man got the $30 shuffler off the shelf and told Hubby that he would sell him this one for $20.

I love him...sometimes though... When I was researching for a place to board the dog while we went on vacation I told him that the vet charged $12.50/night. "A NIGHT? How much do they charge for the days?" The sad part is that he was really serious.

Anyway...I guess I got the shuffler for 1/3 off

We had a similar converstation the other day and afterwards Evan said, "You know. That's the only thing that you two yell at each other about." This time I was confused, so he explained, "The only time you get mad at him is when he doesn't listen. You two just don't fight about anything else."

next on Evan

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