Saturday, June 24, 2006

David's Story Part 16: Thanksgiving


When Carl first moved in I asked him what was important to him for Thanksgiving.
He said "the usual" which turned out to be foods that I never cooked.
I want to call it "Americana" for lack of a better word: Pillsbury crescent rolls, that nasty green bean casserole and "real" cranberry sauce from a can. The rolls were a hit with my family and have stayed part of the meal.

This year I asked David, but I knew he did not necessarily have any Thanksgiving traditions. He said he wanted to make a chocolate pie. We searched the net and he finally found the recipe. A pre-made Oreo pie crust filled with Jello chocolate pudding, but made with just a little milk and one whole carton of Cool Whip. David made it himself. The kids, of course, like it and I wonder if they will want to make it after David is gone.

While I was cooking I was listening to an NPR show about food and history. People were calling in and talking about some dish that their grandmother made that they cook. I kept thinking about how our meal changes with the kids who move in...and will that keep happening? Kids in foster care do not have rich family traditions. Even if their parents did have recipes from previous generations, the would not have been in a position to have them year after year. So I make gingered cabbage, brussel sprouts with clarified butter, a gravy that starts with boiling the neck and giblets in broth and wine the day before, and canned crescent rolls and Jello pie.

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