Saturday, June 10, 2006

Back from Pride

We just got back from Pride. Last night someone called to ask if we had the PFLAG banner for the parade. think Ed has it. I called Ed. He says I reminds me that I was going to get it from the previous president and asks if I have time to go by her house. It is not a matter of time...she is in Greece.

So Hubby went and got a very long sheet of the paper they use to cover bulletin boards at school and while I printed giant purple letters to glue on. Did you know that you can make very large letters, like as big as a page? You just have to highlight the font and type in something like 700 instead of 10.

Anyway, the banner came out fine and about 10 PFLAG'ers showed up to march behind it, so all was well.

A spent much longer at the booth than I usually do. I got to see quite a few people, including one person I have not seen in years. It was pretty wonderful.

S, who is here on respite, had a good time. She kept glued to Andrew though. Evan picked up a packet baggie from the HIV/AIDS prevention booth. Included with the pamphlet and and all the other things was a lollipop. Brian asked if he could have it. A minute later I heard Evan, Andrew and S saying to each other, "I'm not going to tell him what is tell him." I asked him to show me the item in question and then I told him what it was for. It was a very educational day for Brian.

I had a short conversation with David. He is living with a friend and the friend's mother. He claims to be paying rent, except not this month because he is saving for a car. He also tells me that he is still working and enjoys his job. That was all very good to hear.

We stopped at the grocery store on our way back into town. I bought hoagie rolls and sandwich stuff. Dinner is what Evan tells me his mother used to call YoYo night. (You're on your own).

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