Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Regular visitor

Remember the girl, T, who stayed with us a while back while her foster sister gave birth? Well, she's back.

It's all a little unclear. She was in summer school for a few days. Now she is not. She is currently enrolled in a day program at the group home for teenage girls. Her current foster mother starts work at 6:00am so T is being dropped off every morning at 5:30. She stumbles in, falls back to sleep on the sofa and then is picked up 3 hours later for the day program. I am instructed to call the social worker if (when?) she refuses to go. I am also warned that if this day program does not work out, I will be asked if she can spend days with us.

Joy and excitment.

T presents as a quiet, even lethargic young woman. She has a easy smile, wants to please, is willing to pitch in with cooking and cleaning, and got along with everyone when she was here before. She is a sweet girl.

She also has been expelled for stealing, recently had what was called a referred to as a toddler-like temper tantrum which involved calling the supervisor of social workers, her previous foster mother, and the agency director in the middle of the night.

I am fine with having her here in the morning. If I am asked to let her stay days I suppose I will give it a shot. However I am really not interested in running a day care for trouble teens.

I am almost surprised at my attitude. I think there was a time when I would have responded by really wanting to be a positive influence in her life. I would have wanted to build a relationship. I would have wanted to invest.

Maybe it is reviewing all the emails about Ann. Maybe it is the Al-Anon and codependency therapy. Whatever it is, I just feel absolutely no need to rescue this girl. I think I am grateful for that attitude.

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