Wednesday, June 28, 2006

David's Story Part 26: The Prom

Now why can't I find messages to either Mary or Rita about the Prom. Probably I told Rita everything over the phone, but surely I wrote to Mary.

David at first debated whether he wanted to go to the prom. His study skills teacher encouraged him to go. She said that sure, out gay kids had gone last year. So he asked Robert, whom he had begun to date. He and Robert rented co-ordinating tuxes. They were adorable. When he first bought tickets they sold him two singles. He realized later that that he had over-paid and he went to the office and explained that Robert was his date and he should have bought tickets for a pair. He told me that the coach of one of the women's teams was the one who helped him fill out the paper work and get the refund. "She was really happy to do it. I mean really happy."

They went to the prom, hung out with David's friends, and had a wonderful time. They did not expect any problem, since there had been none the year before, and they did not experience any. A good time was had by all.

And then after the prom:


I just found out today that David was the first person to come to the Our Small Town High School prom with a date of the same sex. His study skills teacher, who had been encouraging him to go, had told him that there were several openly gay kids who went last year. It was only today that she mentioned that they had not come with (real) dates.

It was sneaky of her, but I am glad she did it. David might have been anxious otherwise.

There was no fan-fare. No protest. No publicity. Just two kids who went to the prom.

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