Friday, June 23, 2006

David's Story Part 8: Moving In


David moved in yesterday and, as mandated by the brand-new requirement, I helped him to take inventory of everything he owned. This was possible because he owns very little. He has a normal amount of pants and shirts, a couple pair of shoes and one pair of sandals. He does not own a jacket or coat, and needs new underwear, socks, pajamas, and a robe. What was really surprising was how little he has in the area of stuff. He owns three books...two of them are yearbooks. He has one of those decorative lamps that look like electrical storms inside the ball, a cheap electronic solitaire game, a backpack, a broken camera, a cell phone without service and toiletries. That's it...complete inventory taken.

Carl came with about 10 boxes and Ann with 30. They both had lots and lots of things that they were unwilling to throw away...just the junk of life. Then of course they both had books, music, boom boxes, and photographs. David has none of that. I don't know to what extent this is because David has been moved so much and to what extent it is because he does not tend to keep things. I suspect it is at least partly each, but David is living lighter than any teenager I have ever heard of.

Today Hubby and David are both shopping for school clothes. David has had very bad experience with fathers. In fact I don't think he has had one (birth, step or foster) who has not been homophobic and/or abusive. He tends therefore to attach to the mother and try to avoid the dad. Hence the day trip with Hubby. They need bonding time...which means time without me.

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