Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2nd day of school **updated again**

So the second day of summer school is over.

Apparently the teachers are tyrants; the courses are both too easy and too demanding; and the other students are punks. His PE teacher was down-right rude when he took a break in the middle of class and informed her that he had a heart condition (he doesn't). The government teacher, however, was even worse. He wanted everyone to talk about religion! They had a discussion about the separation of church and state and the teacher did not back him up at all.

It is going to be a long 5 weeks.


And for our evening news:

Evan called in to work and he is not on the schedule for the next week at all. The manager is not there and so no one can tell him if he is fired, or if there is some other reason why he is not on.

Evan was supposed to call an agency to arrange transportation to his counseling session tomorrow. His social worker said that that it was all set up; all he needed to do was to schedule the trips. He called the transport person who said that his social worker had to authorize each trip.

So now he needs to go tomorrow and he does not have a ride. Of course he can email or call the social worker and she will take care of it while he is at school, but I don't know if he will. At dinner he asked me what he should do if he can't get a ride. I said that he would probably end up having to pay the missed appointment fee. He seemed to take that pretty well, but it is hard to be sure.

Next on Evan

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