Thursday, June 22, 2006

"I wasn't flirting!"

Raising gay kids is just like raising straight kids, except when it is a little bit different.

The following is a conversation between me and Evan the other day, greatly simplified.

"The people at work say I am a flirt. They say I flirt all the time, but I don't thinks so. Do you see that? Do you think I flirt a lot?"

"With boys? I wouldn't say flirting exactly but..."

"No. I mean with girls. They say I flirt with the girls. Do you think I do?"

"You know, I don't see you with girls a lot."

"It's just like...see...there was a woman who came in for a sandwich and I was making it for her. She had this really nice perfume on and I told her that it was smelled good. And her dress was really cool so I told her that too. All we did was talk while I made her sandwich. I don't think I was flirting but everyone was like 'oooo, I can't believe you did that!.' All I did was talk to a customer!"

"Okay. Let's think about this. Let's say you meet this really cute guy at Pride. He shows up at the sandwich shop and he smells really good. What do you do? Do you ask him what his cologne is and then talk about how cool his clothes are?"

Evan's eyes get WIDE, "Gawd no! I would never have the cohonas to do that!" He is actually blushing. "But that is not what I did with her! I wasn't flirting! She knew that."

"But it looked like you were to them. They were probably wondering how an 18-year-old got to be so smooth."

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